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Название: Sngine v2.3 - скрипт социальной сети

Sngine 2.3 - Гибкая платформа позволяет в один клик создать свою социальную сеть любого уровня: от начального до профессионального.

#== v2.3 == ( 03-09-2016 )
- [Updated] Sngine Dependencies [Bootstrap|Font-Awesome|Flag-Icon|Twemoji-Awesome]
- [Updated] Cache system to speed up your website (97/100 on Google PageSpeed)
- [Updated] System Security
- [Updated] Improve Search to include wall posts and group posts

- [Added] Directory [Posts|Users|Pages|Groups|Games] for better SEO
- [Added] Photos section in User Profile
- [Added] Photos section in Pages
- [Added] Photos section in Groups
- [Added] Photo Albums for Users
- [Added] Photo Albums for Pages
- [Added] Photo Albums for Groups
- [Added] Google Map API integration
- [Added] Wall posts
- [Added] Edit Post
- [Added] Save Post
- [Added] Pin Post
- [Added] Edit Comment
- [Added] Announcements
- [Added] Timeline Filter
- [Added] New posts loader
- [Added] "Only me" as a new privacy for posts
- [Added] Time Translation [like “7 hours ago”]
- [Added] Groups posts on newsfeed
- [Added] New privacy settings for [Birthdate|Work|Location|Education] info
- [Added] New privacy settings for Wall posts [who can post on your wall]
- [Added] Make the search public for visitors
- [Added] Add/Change Favicon from admin panel
- [Added] Add/Change og-image from admin panel
- [Added] Enable/Disable wall posts from admin panel
- [Added] Search page as a new place for Ads & Widgets
- [Added] Search page as a new place for Ads & Widgets
- [Added] Improved email function/settings
- [Added] Make [User|Page|Group] profile picture & cover picture clickable

- [Fixed] Duplicated Posts
- [Fixed] Last seen time
- [Fixed] Report page & group
- [Fixed] Chat box name with special characters
- [Fixed] embed-ifram videos width
- [Fixed] Video Player for iPhone videos
- [Fixed] Admin reported post privacy
- [Fixed] Uploaded extensions check function
- [Fixed] See more line drop for long text
- [Fixed] Minor bugs

- [Remove] Material Theme

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